Lahore is not just all about bricks and mortar but it is an alive, pulsating city, rich with its own flavor of colorful festivals, traditions deeply influenced by the indomitable generous and hospitable spirit of the Lahories. "One who hasn’t seen Lahore, goes the ancient Punjabi saying, hasn’t been born!"

Lahore is Queen of cities; others are like a golden ring, she the diamond. In the 12th century a poet imprisoned in Persia yearned for Lahore as for a woman: I want, some velvet form which emanates the fragrance of Lahore. For longing for Lahore heart and soul faint within me.

For ages Lahore has been a brilliant symbol of a gracious way of life. It had been the abode of great people, both in the spiritual as well as worldly realms. It has the imposing reflections of its Muslim builders wearing ambitions and cosmopolitan tastes. The complex variety of Lahore which has grown forms the wilderness, when Changez Khan orders destroyed its suburbs, to the 20th century developments, is distinctive character of the city in various places and provides testimony to its cultural heritage. Lahore having been the seat of many imperial dynasties possesses interesting historical reminiscences. There is a fascinating and colorful panorama of extraordinary Mosques, Mausoleums, Fort, Gardens and the like. The grandeur of Lahore cannot be solely attributed to its buildings, gardens, monuments and other historical places. Rather it is its atmosphere and ambience, its moods of joy and sorrow, fairs and funs, pains and pleasures, and above all the colorful life of its people which actually render impetus to the spirit and sole of Lahore.

Ancient names of the city were Laohur, Lauhure, Lahvar, Lahur. Lahore was founded in 1021 A.D. Most important events in history of Lahore area are:

  • Conquered by Mehmood al Ghaznavvi 1021 A.D
  • Provincial Capital of Ghaznavid Empire
  • Construction of Wall 1556-1605
  • Sikh rule 1767-184
  • Biritish Period upto 1947
  • Sanitation Cammittee was formed 1858

Landmarks of the City

  • Minar-e Pakistan
  • Jahangir Tomb
  • Badshahi Mosque
  • Lahore Fort
  • Shalimar Garden
  • Mezar-e lqbal
  • Jinnah Hall

Sister Cities of Lahore

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  • Xi'an - China
  • Istanbul - Turky
  • Kortrijk - Belgium
  • Cordoba - Spain
  • Fez - Morocco
  • Fresl1 California - U.S.A
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