Functional Powers of DC

Functions of the Deputy Commissioner:

  1. Monitoring and supervision of revenue Administration as Collector.
  2. As representative of the Government at the District Level and in the discharge of his duties/ functions will be responsible to the Provincial Government through the Commissioner.
  3. Dispose off revenue appeals.
  4. Supervise and coordinate with the District Line Departments in Implementation of Government policies.
  5. Oversee the law and Order of the District and Keep posted the Commissioner/ Provincial Government.
  6. Exercise powers u/s 144 Cr.Pc and 3 MPO.
  7. Act as Controller General of prices in the District.
  8. Act as District Relief Commissioner.
  9. Act as Principal Accounting Officer of A/C –IV and Chairman, District Development Committee (DDC) and other committees.
  10. Supervise duties pertaining at Polio, election, encroachment, traffic plans, addas/Bus Stands.
  11. Exercise general supervision over programs, projects, services and other activities in the Districts.
  12. Controller Civil Defense.
  13. Any other duty assigned by the Government.


  • To supervise and monitor the discharge of duties by the Assistant Commissioners in the district.


  • Coordination of work of the entire sister offices and public facilities in the district.

  • Efficient use of public resources for the integrated development and effective service delivery.

  • To supervise and coordinate the implementation of the government policies, instructions and guidelines of the Government.

  • To support and facilitate the offices and public facilities in the district.

  • The Deputy Commissioner on his/her own, or on the request of the head of a local government or head of the District Police, may convene a meeting for purposes of maintaining public order and public safety and safeguarding public or private properties in the District; and, the decisions taken in the meeting shall be executed by all concerned accordingly.

  • Deputy Commissioner is able to hold court sessions in criminal cases as justice of the peace. Moreover, the performance of the Assistant Commissioner (AC) within the district is also monitored by him/her.