CEO District Health Authority

Functions of Chief Executive Officer:-

The Chief Executive Officer shall:

  1. Exercise its powers as executive head of the Authority;
  2. Provide efficient primary and secondary healthcare services;
  3. Implement standards and policies fixed by the Government;
  4. Manage the human resource including doctors, Para-medical, supporting staff and staff of the authority;
  5. Ensure health outcomes and enrollment in the district;
  6. Ensure high quality health care services;
  7. Implement the health projects initiated or launch by the Government;
  8. Identify externally verifiable indicators for getting high performance from healthcare workers and reward them;
  9. Manage exciting primary and secondary health care facilities;
  10. Establishment new healthcare facilities;
  11. Rationalize existing healthcare facilities;
  12. Monitor, implement and execute the development projects of the authority as per the budget;
  13. Ensure achievement of targets against performance indicators by the authority;
  14. Implement reform program of the Government;
  15. Manage the affairs of the Authority;
  16. Perform any other task assigned to him by the Authority