District Education Authority (DEA)


  1. The CEO is the Principle Accounting Officer and the Chief Operating Officer of the District Education Authority.
  2. He will perform such other functions assigned to him in the Act, the rules or as the Authority may delegate or as the Government may assign to him;
  3. He will prepare and circulate agenda of the meetings of the District Education Authority and maintain or cause to be maintained the record of the meetings, including the minutes of each  meeting of DEA. He shall also be responsible to conduct the meetings of the Authority.
  4. He shall be the official head of Education Offices in the District and be responsible for their efficient administration and discipline and for the proper conduct of business assigned to these offices.
  5. He will be responsible to the D.C. for proper conduct of business of the District Education Offices and keep him informed about the working of these offices.
  6. He will implement the Education Policy of the Provincial Government.
  7. He will convey the instructions of the Government to the subordinate offices and to the institutions, and to see that they are fully carried out.
  8. Providing all sorts of data with regard to the schools to the higher authorities
  9. He shall exercise administrative control over the officers/ officials work within his jurisdiction.
  10. He shall guide the inspection / supervisory staff to keep an eye on the progress of education.
  11. He shall help and supervise all the officers / officials and the Institutions in the district.
  12. He will promote the cause of education to its standard consistent with the demands of the country and needs of the times.
  13. He will provide and distribute funds for development of the educational institutions with regard to the building, purchase of materials and students welfare.
  14. Planning and development of various schemes within the district.
  15. Inspection and supervision of Privately managed schools with District Registering Authority
  16. He will prepare answers for Assemble Business, overall control; guidance and help to the attached offices and institutions will organize sports and promote audio-visual programs.

Functions of CEO District Education Authority: