Assistant Commissioner (HR/Coord)

Job Description of Assistant Commissioner (HR/Coord):

  • Block CNIC of Afghan Mujajireen & other verification
  • Verification of Domicile
  • Verification of Character Certificate
  • Enquiries
  • Training Program Cases
  • Press Clipping
  • DC Office/District Complaint Cell including IRC
  • Public Complaints (Khuli Katchery, PM Portal, CM Portal)
  • CM Directive (General)
  • Disciplinary cases of other departments
  • Press Branch / Litigation Cases of Press Branch
  • Any other task/duty assigned by DC 


    Job Description of Branch 

    Procedure of Each Task/Assignemnt 

    Time Line 

    Relavant Laws for each task 

    This branch works under the supervision of Assistant Commissioner (HR&C), Lahore behalf of Additional Deputy Commissioner (G), Lahore   • Block CNIC of Afghan Mujajireen & other verification In pursuance of Notification No. 8/37/2016/NADRA dated 19-04-2017 a committee has been constituted.  No limit  Notificated attached 
    Public Informaiton Officer  Case send to concernd office for providing information  14 days   
    • Verification of Domicile  Application sent to Concerned AC for verificaiton of domicile certificate No limit   
    • Verification Character  of Travel Agency  Application sent to SP (Security) Lahore for character report of Travel Agency  No limit   
    • Enquiries  personal hearing of complainant and accused, after that finding forward to concerned authority     
    • Training Program Concernd All offices  No limit   
    • CM Directive (General)  Forward to Concerned office/Tehsil No limit   
    • Disciplinary cases of other departments    No limit   
    Parent Protection cases  Personal Hearings  No limit  Parent Protection Ordinance 2021