DRA Branch


  • Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue)/ Collector,  Lahore
  • General Assistant Revenue-I
  • District Revenue Accountant
  • Recovery Clerks
  • Naib Qasid

Job Description:

  • Preparation of monthly statements regarding Collection & Recovery of Government Dues by Tehsildars.
  • Preparation of monthly statement regarding disposal of Judicial Cases by Revenue Courts.
  • Declaration of outstanding dues as arrears of land revenue.
  • Demand creation for recovery of  arrears on the request of Court / departments.
  • Coordination with Audit & Inspection teams for Tehsils.
  • Appointment of Lambardar.

Distribution Of  Assignments in DRA Branch:

Sr. No. Name of Official Assignment
1. District Revenue Accountant (DRA) 
  • Over all supervision of Branch
  • Monthly Recovery statements of Government Dues/ Taxes.
  • Declaration/ Demand creation of outstanding government/ Private dues as arrear of Land Revenue.
  • Inspection of Recovery Branches at Tehsils.
  • Issuance of Out District Certificates
  • Noting / Drafting
2. RC-I (AIT Clerk)
  • Recovery progress of AIT on FBR Data
  • Daily progress report
  • Weekly progress report
  • Demand Creation for Recovery of Nan-O-Nafqa
  • Preparation of presentations / working papers for meetings
3. RC-II (Audit & Inspection Clerk)
  • Coordination with Audit / Inspection/ Budget teams.
  • Forwarding replies on  Audit Paras received from tehsils.
  • Recovery of Private Dues as arrears of Land Revenue (except Nan O Nafqa).
  • Collection of Challan and statements from Treasury
  • Preparation of Monthly Statement of Disposal of Judicial Work
4. RC-III (Record Keeper)
  • Diary & Dispatch
  • Record Keeping.
  • Issuance of Notices
  • Putting up reply received from parties in recovery cases.
  • Lambardari Cases
  • Meeting file
  • Litigations/ NAB 
5. Abdul Hameed, NQ Daak Running & Cleanliness of Branch and Data


Relevant Act/ Law/ Ordinance pertaining to DRA Branch:

  • West pakistan land revenue act, 1967.
  • West pakistan land revenue rules, 1968
  • Revenue recovery act, 1890.
  • Recovery of government dues ordinance 1962.
  • Relevant sections of acts pertaining to different government departments/ autonomous bodies.