HRC Branch


  • Additional Deputy Commissioner (General)/ District Registrar (Head).
  • Office in Charge (OIC).
  • Head Registration Clerk.
  • Assistant Head Registration Clerk.
  • Computer Operator/ Data Operator.
  • Naib Qasid.

Sr. #

Job description of branch

Time line

Relevant laws for each task


Court Cases of District Registrar adjudication of cases filed before district registrar.

15 Days



Appeals U/S 72 of Refusal cases U/s 71 of Registration Act 1908.

15 Days

U/s 71 & 72 of Registration Act 1908.


Appellant forum of all Registration Offices Overall monitoring of all Registration Branches in District Lahore.





Redressal of Grievances/ Complaints submitted in this office relating to Sub Registrar Offices.


Immediate (Same Day)

  1. Verification from Treasury Office
  2. Verification of Revenue Record/ Possession from Revenue Field Staff through concerned Assistant Commissioner
  3. Statement of the Seller/ Donor etc. of burnt Deed.
  4. Statement of Local Commissioner etc. of burnt Deed.
  5. Statement of Local Commissioner Period of 1 month for filing objections if any.
  6. Add in leading newspaper to the General Public for period of 1 month for filing objections if any.


Reconstruction of Burnt Record of Sale Deeds (at present reconstruct of all sale deeds etc. burnt in fire incident 1998 is banned by Board of Revenue, Punjab.




Decision U/s 40, 41 of Registration Act 1908 of impounded documents sent by SR u/s 33 of Registration of 1908.


1 Day


Preparation of Valuation Table


The exercise is commenced in the month of March of Current Fiscal Year reports are required from the revenue field staff, excise department, building department and FBR after compiling all the reports and hearing objections from the General Public, in the month of June these exercises completed and on the 1st July it is notified for its enforcement.



Provision of information sought by any department regarding property matters.

The matter is sent to the revenue field staff on same day to apprise rather any information sought for exist in the name of the concerned person as desired by the department. 7 Days.