Deputy Commissioner Open Courts (29-03-2019)

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Open Court
Lahore 29 March 2019:Deputy Commissioner Lahore Ms. Saleha Saeed on Friday held an open court in DC office Nadir Hall on the direction of Punjab Government. She heard the complaints of 34 citizens who have arrived in the open court. ADCR, ADC Finance and Planning, Assistant Commissioners, Officers of LESCO, WASA, LWMC, DRTA, Health and Education Authorities and others were present on this occasion. She listened to each complainant properly and instructed the concerned officer to resolve complaint within little span of time. DC Lahore Ms. Saleha Saeed revealed that the implementation process on each application was being monitored strictly and an officer of DC office had been nominated to have feedback from the officer concerned on the implementation and decision on application. 
“There are two categories of application. One category which belongs to DC Office or AC office is named as internal application and the second category which relates other than DC office is named as external application. Till now, as many as 429 internal applications have been received in open court out of which 269 cases were settled down while 160 cases are in the process of final decision. Similarly, as many as 193 external applications have been received in open court out of which 85 cases have been decided by the officers” DC Lahore Ms. Saleha Saeed added. 
The citizens have shown their satisfaction on the implementation process and termed this open court as fruitful platform for early solution of people problems

Friday, March 29, 2019