TERC Meeting

Dec 06, 2019

In compliance with direction of worthy DC Lahore, TERC Meeting of Allama Iqbal Town held dated 
05-12-19 at Raiwind,  chaired by Assistant Commissioner Raiwind Adanan Badar.
 All allied departments
Fisheries , 
Health and Education participated in meeting.
02-12-19 to 04-12-2019 activity is as under.
 Iqbal Town 
Outdoor surveillance 
Spot Visited: 2633
Container check. 14027
Larvae positive.: 01
Indoor surveillance 
House visited.      14814
Container checked: 108840
Larvae positive: 13
20 DVRs are pending. 
DVR will be resolved within 24 hours.
 Nishtar Town. 
TERC Meeting of NISHTER  held dated 04-12-2019 at Assistant Commissioner OFFICE  All allied departments
Fisheries, LWMC , Health and Education participated in meeting. 
Outdoor surveillance 
Spot Visited: 1208
Container check. 4366
Larvae positive.: 1
Indoor surveillance 
House visited.  5429
Container checked:29432
Larvae positive:  22
Total 8 DVRs are pending
DVR will be resolved within 24 hours.
Explanation served to two Environment Inspectors for absentee.